Filip Ilievski

  • Assistant Professor, Sr. (UD1), Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Affiliated Scientist, USC Information Sciences Institute (USC/ISI)
  • Affiliated Scientist, Amsterdam Sustainability Institute (ASI)
  • Areas: Commonsense Reasoning, Human-Centric NLP, AI for Social Good
  • Research Assistant Professor, USC Computer Science (2022-2023)
  • Research Scientist and Research Lead, USC Information Sciences Institute (2019-2023)
  • PhD, Vrije University Amsterdam (2015-2019)
  • Research Visitor, Carnegie Mellon University (2017)
  • MSc, Vrije University Amsterdam (2013-2015)
  • BSc, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University Skopje (2009-2013)


Open positions

I am currently working on growing my team at VU Amsterdam. I like collaborating with strong students passionate about human-centric AI with common sense and state-of-the-art technologies like language models and neuro-symbolic systems. I am also looking to hire Postdocs to work with me on important topics relating to analogies and complex reasoning.

For concrete open positions, see this group page. Note that there are usually other positions that are about to open, so if you are interested in working with me as a PhD student or a Postdoc, contact me via email.

Funded Research

  • Human-Centric AI with Common Sense (PI), NWO AiNed (matched by VU Amsterdam and industry). 03/2024

  • Supporting Sustainable Diet Policies by Knowledge-based AI (PI; Co-PI Heinout Reijungs, ASI Seed funding. 12/2023

  • Decision-making by Analogical Reasoning over exoTic Situations (DARTS) (PI), ARL DEVCOM. 08/2023

  • Coherent and commonsensical AI for social influence (PI; Co-PI: Gale Lucas), USC/ISI and ARL. 02/2023

  • Knowledge Graph Technology for Information Analytics (Swiss Cybersecurity department). Grant. F. Ilievski, P. Szekely. 06/2022.

  • Robust and Explainable AI Agents with Common Sense (NSF CRII). Grant. F. Ilievski. 05/2022.

  • iPASSAGE: improved Performance, Analytics and Summarization of Synergistic Anticipation of Geopolitical Events (Co-PI; PI: Fred Morstatter), Open Philanthropy via the University of Maryland, 02/2022

  • MoSAiC: Multi-modal architecture for holistic Situational Awareness in Contextual IoT (Bosch Research). Gift. F. Ilievski. 12/2021.